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Dual Plate Check Valve

Dual Plate Check Valve
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    Product Details:

Brief Introduction:

Double disc check valves are mainly used for the pipelines which medium is one-way flow, only allowing medium to flow in one direction, in order to prevent accidents.

They are widely used in water source projects, urban water supply and drainage, sewage treatment, electric power,petroleum, petrochemical, heat supply and metallurgy industries etc.

Suitable medium include water, sewage, sea water, steam, air, foodstuff, oils, nitric acid, strong oxidizing medium and urea etc.

Structure Performance:
1.Structure length is short.
2.Small volume, light weight.
3.Unobstructed channel, small fluid resistance.
4.Action is sensitive, sealed performance is good.
5.Simple and compact structure, attractive appearance.
6.Long using life and high reliability.

Built in Double-disc wafer swing check valve
Metal seal or rubber seal.
DN15-DN1200, class150-2500

Product features
To API594
Face to face per ANSI B 16.10
Flange ends dimension ANSI B 16.5/ANSI B 16.47
Final inspection tests to API598.

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